Firearm Safety

Welcome to Firearm Safety Training. 

Individuals wishing to acquire non-restricted/restricted firearms must take the CFSC/CRFSC and pass the CFSC/CRFSC tests.
Successful completion of CFSC/CRFSC is a training requirement to apply for the Possession and Acquisition License (PAL).
Individuals wishing to hunt with firearms and enjoy recreational shooting must have valid PAL. PAL is a prerequisite for employment in many fields, such as:
• Many security companies
• Canada Border Service Agency
• Oil, gas and mineral exploration companies
• Forestry companies
• Many geotechnical and cartography companies
• Armored car companies
• Many outdoor outfitting and adventure companies
The club offers Canadian Firearms Safety Courses and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Courses and examination.
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to inquire about schedule.